Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s)

Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s)

Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s) Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s) Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s) Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s)

Hama PRO USB3.0 (100MB/s)

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- Allows direct recording and playback of films in FullHD

- High-quality and robust metal casing

- This removable storage medium with USB 3.0 technology allows data to be written and erased as many times as is required

- USB flash drive in a high-quality metal casing with a stylish dark grey design

- With slide mechanism

- Ultra fast removable storage medium

- USB 3.0 super speed for even faster data transfer rates

- Suitable for terminal devices with a USB interface

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