JVC Large Pro HD DV186min

JVC Large Pro HD DV186min

JVC Large Pro HD DV186min

Price: 14.95


The JVC LA-186PROHD 186 Minute DV/HDV Videocassette Full Size is a 3 hour Professional DV cassette for use in Professional or broadcast camcorders. This high performance, standard DV cassette for professional use is designed for both HDV and DV.

Designed for use in both HDV and professional DV hardware recording equipment

Metal Evaporation (ME) Processing Technology gives the tape improved reliability and high durability for repeated use on professional editing equipment.

Improved electrical properties and lower error rate

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) layer and special lubricant ensure high durability, even after repeated use.

Excellent storage stability

Anti-static lid to repel dust

White cassette housing allows it to be written on with a marker pen and also ensures it is easy to locate and read in a darkened production or control room.
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